Living with the choices you make

I know it’s been way too long since my last post but hopefully this will reach some people who can relate.

You see over the last few months, I’ve tried to focus on the positive things I have going for me in my life, i.e. my health, my family, my love for art and artistic expression. However, I am one person who definitely can get caught in thoughts of “what if’s”… what if I didn’t say no to an opportunity? What if I would’ve taken that advice I was given? What if I handled a situation differently? Would the outcome be any different? Nonetheless, the choices we make and the paths we choose to travel are completely due to our own choices (generally speaking). The “would’ve, should’ve, could’ves” in life are like 3 large anchors holding your ship out at sea. A ship is meant to move & flow through the waters, no matter how rough, because, ultimately, that’s what a ship is built for: movement.

With every choice you are given in life, you are also given a chance. A chance to either make your current circumstances better or worse. Now, speaking from experience here, I’m not always the best at choosing the “correct” or “right” decision, but with every “wrong” decision I’ve made in my life, I do have the choice to either learn & grow or not learn & not grow, i.e. stay stuck. I don’t know about you but I get completely uneasy when I get stuck. I’m not one who likes to stay stagnant. You see, lately my life has taken several twist and turns. With every twist and turn, it seems that I didn’t make the wisest of decisions. But, I can say that I have learned. I’ve learned what it feels like to have my heart broken, to break anothers heart, to move somewhere that I don’t know anyone & sit in an empty room with myself & my thoughts… I have a huge amount of guilt & remorse for a lot of my choices; ultimately, I must take all of that, & cut the rope. I am making the choice to cut the rope that ties me to my guilt; that ties me to past choices. I am given an opportunity to learn now & I think that if I don’t learn to forgive myself, then I will stay stuck out at sea, anchored down by things I can no longer change. I can ask the universe to forgive me and to bring me love & adventure & happiness. And so I will…

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