Intuition and Vibes

We all have quirks, anxieties, and fears, but energy cements your bond with others and motivates you to work through the rough spots. Nevertheless, healthy relationships have a momentum that carries them, a surrender that feels more natural when you‘re both in sync.

When reading emotions, it’s important to realize when what others say or how they appear frequently don‘t match their energy. You must let go of the notion that what you see is what you always get.

I‘ve observed how people go to great lengths, purposely or not, to appear in certain ways—either to impress, say the right thing, or sell you on something—but this “self” isn‘t aligned with their true emotions.

Ultimately, the energy transmitted by someone’s smile and presence tells the truth about where they’re at. So, be smart enough to correlate a person‘s energy with their emotions. Most people aren‘t being intentionally misleading—often they don‘t know what they feel or project. They might tell you one thing—and believe it—but you‘ll learn to decode their emotions.

Sense people’s heart energy – The most important aspect to read about energy is whether people exude a sense of heart. This is the loving-kindness in us, our capacity for empathy, giving and connection.

When heart is present you‘ll feel the warmth of unconditional love emanating from others which makes you feel safe and at ease. It‘s the unspoken sense of being accepted, not judged. No one can fake this.

Our heart presence builds through our good intentions, deeds and emotional work to overcome fear and negativity. The heart is the most positive quality anyone can have. It‘s healthy to be drawn to it.

She continues by writing, further reflecting inward, and evaluating why she was, at one time in her life, attracted to someone who was “wishy-washy” with their emotion and the connection they had. Much of what she touches on, throughout the article, I found to be interesting. When a person continues, or begins to engage with another who is never “sure” or consistently unsure about how they feel about them or how they perceive you, this only sets you up for increased anxiety. It’s a anxious attachment that will not create healthy or stable interactions. The anxiety can cause unnecessary problems in a relationship. The problems it causes could be avoided if each person were open, honest and up front. Along the same line, you can express yourself and/or communicate with a person for months, even years, but when they aren’t open to understanding or having a connection with you, you will cause yourself frustration and possibly even heartbreak down the road. 

A policy of mine is to study what makes me weak or strong, so I can learn from it. If something knocks me off my center I want to know why and not repeat the situation. I’m grateful to have learned my lesson about power versus love from a perfect teacher (a past relationship). Also, I realized that once I talk myself out of what my intuition says in favour of passion, the outcome oftentimes won’t be positive. I‘d surrender to the wrong thing, to what I wanted, rather than what I “saw.” However, being human, sometimes I have to keep making the same mistakes until I finally learn. Today, I value the energy of the eyes more than ever. It communicates an essence in someone if we can trust this.

Watch how people treat you. Notice if their words back up their behaviour. The purpose of reading energy is to become more empathic by sensing the nuances of different personalities. Stay alert to the signals energy sends so that you can see the whole person.

This article was excerpted from Judith Orloff’s book The Power of Surrender: Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success, and Well-Being. Copyright © 2014 by Judith Orloff, MD. All rights reserved. Published in the United States by Harmony Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC, New York, a Penguin Random House Company. Buy the book>>

I highly recommended this book and believe a lot of powerful insights can be taken from it. Thank you all for taking the time to read this ♥️

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