Small Town Destination

If you’ve never heard of Saxapahaw, North Carolina, my first suggestion would be to Google it, then locate it on a map. It may not look like anywhere you would go for a destination vacation, but I assure you that some of the best places in the USA are found in the nooks and crannies of the very state you reside in.

I currently reside in the beautiful Tar Heel State of North Carolina. While North Carolina is most often known for the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains or for its coastal region, encompassing Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks; Saxapahaw, NC is a small village that is nestled along the Haw River, and can be found, almost in the middle of this amazing state.

Saxapahaw, NC is a hidden gem. It’s a place you can catch a small intimate concert, at the Haw River Ballroom; taste some amazing local (and non-local) beers at the Eddy Pub; eat some of the most amazing local grown/farm fresh food at the Saxapahaw General Store….These examples are only a few of the spots this small village has to offer.

The Eddy Pub

Lucky for me, my best friend just so happens to live there & I am grateful to be able to travel there and for all the moments I get to spend in the small village with its big heart.

Saxapahaw, North Carolina

Check out some of the places I mentioned in this post by clicking on any of the links below:

  • You will be linked to The Eddy Pub by clicking on the picture above

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