Embarking on a New Journey

2018 has been quite the year. No matter the situations I have been put through, the obstacles I’ve overcome or the heartache I endured, I am very grateful that I know what I know now. Things happen for a reason and sometimes looking forward is the only way to make the necessary changes. For me, there will be no more analysis of why I stayed in a relationship where I wasn’t loved, why I let others opinions have a negative effect on me, or why I listened to bad advice from people who I trusted. No amount of understanding will change the outcome. But, acceptance will.

I accept that things are the way they are. What I plan to do is to move forward in 2019 and make it better than 2018.

I am embarking on a journey to learn freelance writing.

I am making progress in my artwork and creating things so that I will be able to open my own online business.

I plan to move to a new city or town.

I have sent off for a passport so that I may sign up to volunteer through a an amazing organization.

I’m learning to speak a new language. With the help of some friends and apps, I’m making progress in learning to speak Spanish! (That’s been a long time goal of mine)

So 2019 will be a busy year! I’m setting good intentions and ready to go create my own happiness. No longer will I let what others have to say about me have an effect on my life. I’m releasing all of that negative energy! Believing that the universe sees my truth and knows my true intentions (past, present and future) is what matters. Happiness is what matters. My health is what matters. Making a positive impact wherever I go, is what matters. Love is what matters. I’m doing 2019 different, because I love myself differently now. I see things differently now.

Below are a couple quotes that have hit home for me personally. They are random but just a few that have helped me open my eyes…

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog post! I send you all good vibes for the upcoming week! ♥️


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