Dealing With Disappointments

Is it possible to go through life and never be disappointed? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it so wrong for someone to have expectations? Well, that depends. It depends on how realistic those expectations are. Living in todays world, one that seems to exepect a lot from you, is it really that simple to navigate through life without having any expectations? For some of you, it is. For others, it may not be so simple. Both however, are no better than the other. There is no inherent guide book to life. We all have our quirks and we all make mistakes in life. It’s all in how you look at things and your attitude towards it.

If you are someone who approaches a situation expecting the best, you may also find yourself maneuvering through moments of disappointment in your life. Disappointments can be certain moments when things don’t work out; whether it is when a job you had high hopes for doesn’t pan out, or a relationship not working out the way you had hoped. Whatever the situation may be, it can be more difficult for those who are hard wired to expect the best, to get up and “knock the dust off.” Despite the difficulty one may have accepting the disappointment, it’s important that acceptance of the situation happens. Not dwelling on it, is key.

[Side note: Hope, is not a bad thing to have in life. Hope keeps many people moving towards something better. Hope can motivate you. Hope can also make you see the light at the end of a tunnel. It can be what keeps you going during times of sickness. It is powerful for some people. It can work for you but it can also led to disappointment.]

First off, let me say that having a positive mindset in situations is not a bad thing either. It’s important however, to be realistic. It is equally important to not project your expectations onto other people or make assumptions that someone else shares the same mindset as you. That’s when open, honest communication regarding your expectations with the other person and/or with yourself should occur.

So what are some steps someone can take overcome disappointment? I will give you 3…

#1: Acknowledge that you are disappointed. Say it out loud, write it down or find someone to talk to about it. Don’t swallow it only to find it to come out later in a way that is unhealthy. 

#2: Accept it.

#3: Move the heck on.

So now you may be left wondering, is that it? Well…yes. That is it.

I like to remind myself with quotes in certain situations I find myself in. They can be inspiring and very relatable at times…

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