Can You Hear It?

Can you hear it? I have ignored the sound of my own inner voice for a long time now. It is now that I choose to finally wake up and listen.

I have spent many years taking the same trip, going in the same circle, beating my head against the same brick wall, but today I choose to stop. I am stopping so that I no longer create myself pain. I choose to stop so that I can move forward. Yes, I said that correctly. This pain in my head has traveled into my heart. I am making the choice to let it go. Hallelujah!!!

I am creating a door to the other side of this wall. I’ve let it hold me back for far too long. It’s time I watch it crumble and let it go. Let it fade into the past.

There’s a freedom in letting go. There’s a freedom in choosing to create the life you dreamed of without anything holding you back. I have lived in a cycle of blaming myself for far too long. Today I will let that go. My head hurts but my heart does not need to anymore. I have done the work, removing the bricks one by one, and will continue to do so until the wall is nothing more than a memory. I will not give up.

I owe it to myself to not give up.

Life is not about control. Life is about freedom. Freedom to be who I was meant to be. So today I choose to be free. What is meant for me, will find a way to be.

Freedom is not going to be easy. The road that led me here has been hard, to say the least; but it has been worth it. It’s worth it because I have grown and become the woman who holds to my truth. The woman who has adventure in her heart. I will smile, laugh and love with all of my pieces. For it is my pieces that make me who I am. As I continue my journey ahead, I may have times of sadness, but I’ll be damned if I let my moments of sadness define me. In fact, I will let no one define me.

I hope that anyone who has been through difficulties, disappointments and heartbreak knows that you are loved. I hope that the universe blesses you more than you could ever have dreamed. If you ask for what you want. You may just get it. So don’t give up. Not on yourself. You are valuable and worthy of love.

Today I choose to move forward. I will live in the present moment and let go of the past. I will no longer bang my head against the same brick wall.

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