Are You Ready For What’s Ahead?

Are you ready for what’s ahead? I hope your answer is, YES!

If there’s anything 2018 thought me, it’s undoubtedly that, life goes on. Boy am I glad it does!

2018 was a trying year. If your 2018 was the same, I hope that you make the choice to start living in the present. It is what’s happening to you now that will be a better predictor of your future, than anything that has happened in your past.

3 things that I wish for all of you to remember when going into 2019:

Be grateful

I promise you there is so much to be grateful for. Nearly a year ago I started making journaling a habit. I wrote one thing each day I was grateful for. That one simple practice has changed my life. I’m not saying that it will have the same affect on your life, but how will you know if you don’t try?

Attitude is key

If there’s one thing I have become a big believer in, it is checking my attitude. Turn your mirror towards yourself and start asking yourself the though questions.

Accept others and yourself for where you are right NOW

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not where you want them or yourself to be…just let what is, be. This includes situations, people and yourself. Stop making other people more important than yourself. Vow to never give up on you!

Make 2019 better and believe that it will be better!


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