“Can I get a clean up on aisle, Me?”

Picture this: you’re walking through the grocery store, pushing a cart full of groceries, minding your own business. Then, all of a sudden, over the stores’ intercom system you hear, “Attention shoppers. We’ve got quite a mess on our hands here. Please stay off aisle [insert your name here]. We’re working hard to clean up the mess. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Ummmm….did they just say my name?”

We all have things from our past. We all have a past. We all, also, deal with that past differently, and within our own time. The goal of this post is not to offer you tips on how to deal with your baggage. I’m simply wanting to encourage you to get rid of some of the unnecessary items in your “life grocery cart.”

It’s okay that you have carried it around. Maybe it was one of your “I may need this for something?” kind of things. But don’t you think it’s been long enough that you’ve held on to some things? If it no longer serves you any purpose, gently place it back on the shelf and walk away. Your heart wallet will thank you when you get to checkout. Plus, you won’t have to carry so many bags to your car. Win-win!

Sometimes we carry things around with us, and many things, unintentionally, get put in our cart. By things, I mean all various types of emotions and memories. When something has been with you for so long, if you don’t take the time to take a look through what’s in your cart, you may get to checkout and realize that you don’t have enough money to pay for all the stuff you have.

Going through everything in your cart may take time. I encourage you not to wait. Life’s too short. You are worth it. You are not alone. Accept all that you have and accept that it’s okay to let go.

I encourage you to go into 2019 with room in your cart for amazing things! Fill it with amazing memories, adventures, people, experiences, etc. The universe will be there to guide you.

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