Marinating Thoughts

Learning to love myself has been a strange yet beautiful process for me over the years. It has transformed me, my life and my relationships.

To be completely honest, loving myself, has not exactly been the easiest thing to do. I held on to the belief I was “too much,” or just “too difficult to love.” I have slowly stopped believing those thoughts. It has taken time to condition my mind to stop believing them. Reading that out loud to myself makes me feel somewhat sad. However I don’t attach myself to it anymore.

What makes loving myself easier for me now, is about how I choose to perceive myself. I am on a path in life of my own making. (Ahh! Now that just sounded so freeing!) It’s my attitude towards myself, my perspective on love and what it means to truly love who I am today, that has shifted, and evolved into something I now enjoy doing. I can honestly say, I like who I am and I love myself.

It has also been within this time of growth that I have learned what love is not. Love is not always an easy act or something that is easy to do. It’s messy and oftentimes brutal; but so are people sometimes. You may not be exactly where you want to be in your life today, and that’s okay; however, it shouldn’t be an excuse that keeps you from experiencing the adventure that could come with loving another person.

Love is a choice.


2 thoughts on “Marinating Thoughts

  1. I think it’s brave for you to admit that you haven’t always loved yourself. It’s not easy to face problems when you lack the ability to be loving and compassionate with yourself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Happy blogging!

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