This Party is L-I-T! 🔥

How many of you have your party hats?! Well I hope you’re ready to not put them on, because fortunately for you… you aren’t invited to this party.

We’ve all been there at one time or another. Something doesn’t turn out the way we envisioned or maybe you feel like you’re stuck and unsure what to do? Life doesn’t always give us everything we want, when we want it. Bummer, I know.

What’s even worse is when you let the “not-so-great-times” or uncomfortable times in life bring you to the point where you start planning your own party. Before you know it, you’re baking a cake, putting out the party favors and making a guest list of one; you. That’s because this party will be way too lit for anyone else to handle you and all the non-excitement…Besides, “two is a crowd.”

Prior to the point in my life where I had to face myself in the mirror and recognize how no one likes watching me throw a pity party for myself. Hell, I didn’t even like it! Not to toot my horn ova here but I could throw one insanely depressing party! For myself of course. Full disclosure, I enticed some unwillingly participants. Bless their souls.

Ooooh man, I used to jump right in, baking myself that deliciously sad tasting cake and placing as many candles on it for that full party effect.

You know my candles have to be as lit as the party!! Whoop-whoop!!

Side note: The cake was always dry and bland.

Who doesn’t love a good pity party?! Am I right?!

(That’s a huge negative broh!)

It’s difficult to recognize when you’re at your own party. It definitely took me a while to really notice how often I went to light the candles on my pity cake. Pity parties are a guaranteed party where you will 10 times out of 10, have a miserable time. Its also likely you will know you’re throwing yourself a pity party whenever you make the decision to leave the party and there’s no one there to help clean up the mess of streamers and glitter, but you. Then it hits you.

Hopefully your thought process will be something along the lines of;

“Well that was no fun. Don’t think I’ll be letting myself do that anymore. The party’s over and I’ve not progressed one bit. Plus now I have a mess to clean up. I should stop making things worse on myself. I’m going to be more conscious of how I cope with life’s uncomfortable or unfavorable moments from now on! My party days are in the past!!” …

too much?? Yeah-yeah… well, you get the picture.

It is important to self reflect but just don’t get down on yourself. I believe there should be an importance placed on every individual in taking responsibility for creating certain circumstances in their life. We all have the freedom of choice. We should take more responsibility in loving who we are. Throw yourself a party that celebrates you in a way that encourages your growth; a party that when you leave, you walk out, a more evolved individual.

No matter how crappy or uncomfortable life can be, you will never go wrong by showing yourself some love. Above all else, don’t stop loving who you are. We all have talents, gifts and something to offer this world.

So, why not choose to love yourself? You’re amazing!

  • Now… parties over…


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