Belief in The Power of Positive Thinking

How many times have you found yourself in a situation that either wasn’t good for you, made you sad, left you feeling lonely or lost, or just outright sucked! I think many of you can relate to this. My question is, what did it take to turn the situation around? What led you on the … Continue reading Belief in The Power of Positive Thinking

The Bathtub Effect

At this moment in my life I am working extremely hard to sort through some emotional baggage. Past hurt and guilt have been with me for far too long. I recognize that there have been many times over the last year or two that most of my pain has come out in expressed ways I … Continue reading The Bathtub Effect

The day I nearly lost my father

On the morning of January 4th my dad had an aortic aneurysm. With the quick, calm thinking of my mom, she called 911 and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. After a CT scan the doctor delivered the news to my mom and told her the survival rate. After the helicopter transport was unable … Continue reading The day I nearly lost my father