Marinating Thoughts

Learning to love myself has been a strange yet beautiful process for me over the years. It has transformed me, my life and my relationships. To be completely honest, loving myself, has not exactly been the easiest thing to do. I held on to the belief I was "too much," or just "too difficult to … Continue reading Marinating Thoughts

Can You Hear It?

Can you hear it? I have ignored the sound of my own inner voice for a long time now. It is now that I choose to finally wake up and listen. I have spent many years taking the same trip, going in the same circle, beating my head against the same brick wall, but today … Continue reading Can You Hear It?

What’s Your Reason For Being Afraid?

What makes most people afraid of love? We all have hidden fears when it comes to love and relationships. Check out this article for 7 of the most common reasons people may be afraid to love. Can you relate to any of them? You may be surprised...

The Angry Therapist

Sometimes I get really into podcast. They are a form of "self-help" and my way of getting "schooled" on important topics (or topics I dig). I wanted to share some words-from-the-wise or really, just quotes I found when fumbling through The Angry Therapists' Instagram. I've posted a link below (from his Instagram), and if you … Continue reading The Angry Therapist

The Bathtub Effect

At this moment in my life I am working extremely hard to sort through some emotional baggage. Past hurt and guilt have been with me for far too long. I recognize that there have been many times over the last year or two that most of my pain has come out in expressed ways I … Continue reading The Bathtub Effect

Quotes: Lifes short little reminders…

Sometimes quotes are good short reads that offer some advice that one may need; advice that may give someone hope or words that are relatable in some way to a situation or emotion that the reader has felt (or feels). At this moment in my life, I may feel like I'm alone, but I know … Continue reading Quotes: Lifes short little reminders…

Living with the choices you make

I know it’s been way too long since my last post but hopefully this will reach some people who can relate. You see over the last few months, I’ve tried to focus on the positive things I have going for me in my life, i.e. my health, my family, my love for art and artistic … Continue reading Living with the choices you make